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This show is designed to support, educate and inspire women who are committed to consciously creating their life!

I am a Self-Love advocate so every episode will hook into what it means to love yourself. Sometimes I will lead a live group meditation to support your Spiritual practice. Sometimes I will interview another Self-Love Ambassador on their topic of expertise - from men to money to meditation! Sometimes I will speak on a subject that will enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

This is a chance to truly set yourself up for success by joining the high vibration of a community of truth seekers on the path to living their most audaciously Daring & Mighty life!

Feb 2, 2018

Last week, we practiced witnessing our fear-based thoughts, which is a perfect example of what it means to live consciously. If you missed that lesson, you can watch by clicking here.

In this week’s lesson we focus more deeply on what it means to live consciously.

The dictionary defines consciousness as, ‘The state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings’.

Fierce Self Love means noticing your thoughts and being honest about how you truly feel. Then DOING something about it.

Scary, huh?

Yes, it is. That’s why most people don’t bother.

Noticing and admitting your tough feelings is risky.

You might realise you are actually not happy.

Which means something has to change.

Which means leaving your comfort zone.

Which means… Aaaaaaaah!


It takes courage.

Developing this level of honesty with yourself requires Super Hero bravery, but once you master it and begin to live your truth, your life will become so wildly happy and fulfilled, you won’t even recognise it.

It takes practice.

All masters are obsessive about practice. Elite sportspeople practise relentlessly every day. So go ahead and exercise that awareness muscle until you are ripped in consciousness!

It is a choice.

You can choose the pleasant, unconscious way of cruising along in life that you’re used to. It’s worked so far – you’ve survived, right? Why rock the boat?

Or you can choose to be Daring and Mighty and rock that boat, spice up your life (thanks, Spice Girls!) and start LIVING!

Take the time to master awareness. Take the risk to get to know who you really are (eek!). Dare to share your uniqueness with the world and leave your Mighty mark on the planet.

This is my invitation to you today: make a choice.

I share A LOT MORE about the power of living consciously in this weeks’ Facebook Live, and if you missed it, you can watch the replay by clicking the video image below.

I love to hear from you, so please share in the comments on The Self-Love Hub Private Facebook Group.

Love you,

Katie xx

Founder of The School of Self Love

P.S. If you are interested to know more about the Self Love Affair Transformational Process and would like to speak to someone at the School of Self Love about how we can support you, click here. When you click on the link, you will be prompted to answer a few questions. Your answers are important as they help us decide which of our team members will be best for you to speak to.