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This show is designed to support, educate and inspire women who are committed to consciously creating their life!

I am a Self-Love advocate so every episode will hook into what it means to love yourself. Sometimes I will lead a live group meditation to support your Spiritual practice. Sometimes I will interview another Self-Love Ambassador on their topic of expertise - from men to money to meditation! Sometimes I will speak on a subject that will enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

This is a chance to truly set yourself up for success by joining the high vibration of a community of truth seekers on the path to living their most audaciously Daring & Mighty life!

Apr 16, 2018

So, here’s my question for you today - 

Do you feel guilty about the idea of loving yourself?

Like it’s a selfish, arrogant, egotistical thing to do?

Let’s bust those beliefs straight up!!

Loving yourself not only transforms your life, it has a ripple effect that benefits everyone you meet. The awesome truth is that you ARE love. What’s not to love about that?

Here’s how you can start loving the fabulous woman you are:


Look at all the amazing work you’ve done throughout the past few weeks as we have journeyed together through my Self Love Affair process (you can catch up on all the video trainings over in The Self Love Hub . You’ve been uncovering and healing negative patterns in your life – that’s powerful work! So, treat yourself to a celebratory dinner, a candle-lit bath, a massage, a new outfit – whatever would be special for you. Go on, you deserve it!


As women, it is our nature to receive, but most of us spend our lives giving until we burn out. You need to make yourself available to RECEIVE your desires.

Write a list of all the things you do for others. Pretty long, huh?

What on this list could you do for YOURSELF? Where could you ask for help and support?


Lady, you can be pretty mean to yourself! You’d never treat your best friend the way you treat yourself. It’s time to show yourself compassion and respect.

Write a list of 100 things you love about yourself.

If you need help, ask people you trust what they love about you. You can always refer to this ‘evidence list’ when you need reminding that you are loveable!


Our wondrous bodies need to be cared for. Develop a friendship with your body and listen to what it needs.

In your journal, write at least 20 things you could do to nurture your body.

“I choose to love myself and care for my body by….” 

Some tips:

  • Get moving! Go for walks, swims, runs – anything to feel invigorated and refreshed.
  • Choose fresh, nutritious food that makes you glow with health!


Our heads get so full of worries and to-do lists that we often forget the incredible power of the mind to guide our life anywhere we desire it to go.

In your journal, write at least 20 ways you could nurture your mind.

“I choose to love myself and care for my mind by….” 

For example:

  • Build your inner strength with affirmations.
  • Write your to-do lists down so your mind is free to breathe, to desire, to dream!
  • Choose media that edifies you and builds you up.


You are the vulnerable little girl within you. It’s important to ask her how she is and what she needs. Do I need a hug? Do I need to talk to a friend? Do I need a day off work?

Write 20 things in your journal that you could do to nurture your child.

“I choose to love myself and show my inner child compassion by….”

You could:

  • Put a reminder to check in with your inner child and listen to what she needs.
  • Give your emotions time and space to be heard and expressed.
  • Give yourself permission to be playful and fun!


When you have a relationship with your Spirit, you are able to relax and just be you. The criticism stops. You feel safe and at home. It’s wonderful!

Write at least 20 things you could do to stay connected with your Spirit.

“I choose to love myself and connect to my Spirit by….” 

How about:

  • Catching judgemental or competitive thoughts that come from the ego, not your Spirit.
  • Practicing seeing others as the truth of their Spirit – they are pure love too.
  • Meditating, walking, journalling, reading inspirational books – whatever works for you!

There’s lots more glorious stuff in this week’s Facebook Live.

Love you,

Katie xx

Founder of The School of Self Love 

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